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Please note that we are in the process of changing our Public Classes system for 2015 and will not be contiuing with this booking system. The new system will be available Tuesday 6 January.  If you don't have an account, simply register to create an account and we will notify you via email when 2015 enrolments open. 

Students must be at least 18 years of age to attend these classes.



Classes start on 20 January 2015. Enrolments open 6 January 2015.

In 2015 we will be running our classes non-stop from January through to December. We will no longer adhere to school terms.


6.15pm-7.30pm            5-Week Ballet Basics Introductory Course (Andries Weidemann)  

6.15pm-7.30pm            Advanced Ballet (Meg Parry)

6.15pm-7.30pm            Intermediate Ballet (Florence Leroux-Coleno)

7.30pm-8.45pm            Intermediate Ballet (Andries Weidemann)

7.30pm-8.45pm            Beginners Ballet (Florence Leroux-Coleno)

7.45pm-8.45pm            Pointe (Meg Parry)



6.15pm-7.30pm            Beginners Ballet (Donna Salmin)

6.15pm-7.30pm            Intermediate Ballet (Andries Weidemann)

7.30pm-8.45pm            Advanced Ballet (Floeur Alder)

7.30pm-8.45pm            5-Week Ballet Basics Introductory Course (TBC)




Ballet Basics Introductory Course – No experience what so ever, this class is for complete beginners. For more information, see below.

Beginners Ballet – We recommend at least one year of ballet experience for this level. This class is for those who know the basics of ballet but are not yet ready to progress to the intermediate level.

Intermediate Ballet – This class is for those who have several years experience in ballet and have a sound understanding of ballet technique. This class requires moderate cardio, strength and flexibility.

Advanced Ballet – This class is for participants with a strong knowledge and considerable experience in ballet technique or those advised by WAB teachers to advance from the Intermediate level. This class requires a high level of cardio, strength and fitness.

Pointe – This class is designed for those who have considerable experience with ballet technique and have worked en pointe before or have been recommended for the class by WAB teachers.

If you are unsure which class best suits your skill level, please contact West Australian Ballet.



Casual Class: $18

10 Class Pass: $150

20 Class Pass: $280

5-Week Ballet Basics Introductory Course: $75



Ballet Basics is run as a five week introductory course. These 5 classes will repeat class content and build on previously learnt content from week to week. Exercises and class structure will refresh and change at the commencement of each 5 week block. New students will not be permitted to join mid-way through a five week block. Students will still need to discuss their progression from this class with their teacher. As a general rule we advise students to repeat this course a minimum of 4 times before progressing to Beginners Ballet.


The Ballet Basics Introductory Course will start on the following dates in 2015:

Tuesday 20 January & Wednesday 21 January

Tuesday 24 February & Wednesday 25 February

Tuesday 31 March & Wednesday 1 April

Tuesday 5 May & Wednesday 6 May

Tuesday 9 June & Wednesday 10 June

Tuesday 14 July & Wednesday 15 July

Tuesday 18 August & Wednesday 19 August

Tuesday 22 September & Wednesday 23 September

Tuesday 27 October & Wednesday 28 October



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Need Help?

Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions Document, which covers everything you need to know about Public Classes at WAB. 

If you need further assistance, please email publicclasses@waballet.com.au
or call us on 9214 0709



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