Welcome to West Australian Ballet Public Classes for Adults

 Please note you must be at least 18 years of age to attend these classes.

Term 2 public classes at WAB:



6.00pm-7.15pm           Intermediate Ballet (Florence)

6.00pm-7.15pm           Advanced Ballet (Meg)

6.00pm-7.15pm           Ballet Basics (Andries) *For TOTAL beginners

7.15pm-8.30pm           Intermediate Ballet (Andries)

7.15pm-8.30pm           Beginners Ballet (Florence)

7.30pm-8.30pm           Pointe (Meg)




6.00pm-7.15pm           Beginners Ballet (Donna)

6.00pm-7.15pm           Intermediate Ballet (Andries)

7.15pm-8.30pm           Contemporary (Laura)

7.15pm-8.30pm           Ballet Basics (Donna) * For TOTAL beginners


Please note the difference between Beginners Ballet and Ballet Basics. If you have no experience in ballet what so ever then Ballet Basics is the class for you. If you already know the basics but aren’t ready for Intermediate, then Beginners Ballet is the class for you.



Level Description: 

Ballet Basics - No dance experience necessary, this class is for complete beginners. 

Beginners - For those that already know ballet basics but aren't yet ready to progress to the intermediate level.

Intermediate - This course is for those who have experience in ballet and have a sound understanding of ballet technique.

Advanced - This class is for participants with a strong knowledge and considerable experience in ballet technique or those advised by WAB teachers to advance from the Intermediate level. 

Pointe - This class is designed for those who have considerable experience with ballet technique and have worked en pointe before or have been recommended for the class by WAB teachers.

Contemporary - For those that have existing experience with dance (at least two terms of Ballet Basics). Contemporary dance has a stronger emphasis on release, momentum, floor work and individual interpretation. The class goes through the progression of exercises allowing students to develop an organic, grounded, dynamic and creative movement technique.



Term 2 enrolments open on 24th of March and will cost $135 for the term. Term 2 enrolments close on the 29th and 30th of April. After this date only casual attendance (subject to availability) is possible. Online enrolment for casual classes isn't possible, you must first check for availability with WAB (contact details below) and then pay the casual fee of $18 cash or credit card, upon arrival. Please register with us before attending casual classes.


Term 3 enrolments open on the 23rd of June. Make sure you register with us to receive our enrolment reminder emails. 




Term 1 ends Wednesday 9 April 2014.


Term 2

Term Dates: 22 April – 18 June 2014

Bookings Open: Monday 24 March 2014


Term 3

Term Dates: 22 July – 24 September 2014


Term 4

Term Dates: 14 October – 17 December 2014



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Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions Document, which covers everything you need to know about Public Classes at WAB. 

If you need further assistance, please email publicclasses@waballet.com.au
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